Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

You will have to follow certain rules of etiquette while handling with every aspect of a wedding. Bridal shower invitation is not different. A better understanding about bridal shower invitation etiquette will help you to organize the event in the best possible manner and a good number of people conduct an extensive online search to have a clear cut idea about this concept. Strict adherence to invitation etiquette will help you to make the invitation extremely appealing and you will also be able to communicate with the guests with great amount of clarity about the nature of the event. It can be said without an iota of doubt that the etiquette for bridal shower invitation will always teach you great taste and manners as well.

The host of the bridal party will always be someone who is very close to the bride and in normal circumstances, the invitations should be sent one month before the bridal shower. Considerable variations from this time frame will not serve the purpose in the best manner. If you send invitations just a few days before the shower the guests will not get ample time for preparation and they will not be able to allocate time for the event. If you send invitations much earlier than one month the guests may forget the exact date of shower. One of the most prominent invitation etiquette for bridal shower is to send separate invitations for guests who live in the same household except the couples and children and it is always advisable to seek the opinion of the bride about the guests to be invited so that you will not miss out any body.

One of the most important bridal shower invitation etiquette is not to invite people who will not be sent a wedding invitation and in order to avoid such a situation, you will have to keep in touch with someone who is very close to the bride during the time of sending invitations. You should send invitations to the guests who are living in distant places as a matter of courtesy even if they will not be able to attend the shower. Etiquette for bridal shower invitation also suggests that if you are planning to conduct more than one shower you should not invite a guest to more than one shower. Since the guests are expected to bring gifts for the bride on every occasion you should invite a guest to a single shower only.

In these days, the traditional way of inviting only the close relatives and friends of the bride has changed and bridal shower also accommodates bridegroom's family members as well. It will give both families an opportunity to interact with each other in the best possible manner. You should always include RSVP instructions on the invitation to make it really easy for the guests to contact you through email, telephone or letter and the message that you want to communicate should be clear and precise as well. Etiquette for bridal shower invitation also suggests that the theme of the wedding should be clearly mentioned in the invitation and if the bride is registered with a certain department store, it should also be indicated in the invitation. When you follow all these bridal shower invitation etiquette you will become successful in making the invitation all the more appealing to the guests.